Auto Electrical services in North Perth

Westcoast Auto Electrics offers the full range of auto electrical services. With a team of highly trained and qualified electricians we provide premium workmanship, outstanding service and we back it all up with a work guarantee.

Our team prides itself on being able to fix anything auto-electrical, and they know how to work to time constraints, and within the clients’ budgets.

Don’t settle for someone who scratches their head over electrical services in North Perth, we offer solutions where others see obstacles. Contact us for high quality and professional solutions.

Mechanics & technicians

At Westcoast Auto Electrics we realise that some of the auto electrical language might be foreign to the average person.  We promise never to talk over you, but directly to you when taking care of your auto electrical needs. Our aim is to make an accurate diagnosis and fix the problem as fast as we can, ensuring that all parties are happy; you with your vehicle, and us with our service.